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Terms & Conditions of Operation

1.  The Faulkes Flying Foundation (FFF) operates under the authority of the host British Gliding Association (BGA) club at which it is based. All flying activities come under the juristiction of the host club Chief Flying Instructor who is responsible for all flying which takes place

2.  All FFF instructors are current and accredited BGA instructors operating under the direction of the BGA and the BGA host club.

3.  The Faulkes Flying Foundation and the hosting BGA club provide a suitable package of insurance protection for visiting youngsters and their accompanying adults.

4.  Students of the FFF are required to sign indemnity forms before the flying activities take place.

5.  All introductory flights for youngsters will be undertaken by aerotow or by Motor Glider.

6.  All students and their parents will be briefed on airfield/flight safety before going out onto the airfield and they are required to sign a form to acknowledge that they have received such a briefing.