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Faulkes Flying Foundation Motor Gliders

Mission Statement

The Foundation has three Falkes. Two are the latest SF25C variant with a 100hp Rotax 913S engine whilst the third is an older Falke 2000 with a 65 hp VW based Lombach engine.These motor gliders are now in use at Cambridge, Bicester and Dunstable


G-FLKS at Dunstable where she is currently based.


The roomy congenial cockpit of the Rotax Falke, with its side by side seating, is ideal for flying youngsters.

A modern cockpit and instrument panel provides an excellent introduction to operating a powered aircraft.


Another closer view of the instrument panel

The Rotax Falke handles in a very similar manner to a 2 seat sailplane providing a seamless transition for youngsters from the one type to the other


The Foundation's three motor gliders shown parked up outside the hangar at our Dunstable base of operations. The Falke 2000 is parked in the middle

G-BODU our 3rd Motor Glider, this time a Falke 2000 with a VW based engine, seen on its test flight after a major refurbishment.
G-BODU is based at Rufforth, York.

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