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A Testimonial from Jessica
I was initially exposed to gliding by Mike Woollard as FFF was in its very early days. As someone who has always had a keen interest in how things work and the world around us, gliding immediately captured my imagination. Following from this experience I became a cadet at the London gliding club during my A-Level year. My enthusiasm for flying, combined with my love of Space propelled me to study Physics and Space Research at University as it allowed me to combine both my Physics and Engineering interests. I do believe that gliding inspired me to take this step and gave me the confidence to believe that I would succeed. I am currently studying for my Masters degree at UCL in Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications and am very pleased to have accepted a role as a graduate engineer at EADS Astrium, beginning in September 2006. This is Europe's leading aerospace satellite engineering company and I am thrilled that I will be learning from the best. Gliding was a wonderful way for me to learn that engineering is exciting and that the prospects can be very diverse. I am pleased that since my first flight in 2000 Faulkes Flying Foundation has given many young people the experience of flying. I hope that it will help to bring more young women into the engineering profession.

Jessica Housden (22)
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