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Gliders of the Faulkes Flying Foundation

The Glider Fleet

The DG505 'Orion' 2 Seat training glider has been chosen as the basis of the fleet to be used by the Foundation over the next few years. We have two such gliders and these are available for use at any of our bases.

The DG505 Orion comes with 3 wingspan configurations through the use of removable wingtips. The 17.2 metre span is ideal for aerobatics. The 18 metre mode is used for general club training. The 20 metre mode is excellent for cross country flying


The beautiful lines of the DG505 Orion as seen here epitomises the best of modern sailplane design Our 2 Orions are based at Cambridge and Dunstable

The Foundation's initial glider 'FXP'- the all aluminium Czech Super Blanik L23, is still in active service complementing the fleet of fleet of DG505 Orion 2 seat training gliders and our motor gliders.

Super Blanik L23 viewed from above.
Click here for technical details on the Super Blanik