Discover the Adventure of Flight

Dreaming of becoming a pilot ?????
Faulkes Flying Foundation can help your dreams take off!
We can provide glider flights on pre-arranged weekends, morning or afternoon, or during summer weekdays, for youngsters over the age of 10.5 years

Aerotow or motor glider flight charged at 36 (Scouts) & 45 (accompanying adults/Leaders under 24.) Follow-on flights cost 25 for Scouts and 35 for adults. Aeronautics badge lecture and test - 7.50 per scout. Substantial grant assisted discounts are available for continuation training flights over a period.
We have special arrangements with the following clubs to enable young people to experience gliding at an affordable cost.

- London Gliding Club at Dunstable
- Windrushers Gliding Club at Bicester
- Cambridge Gliding Club at Gransden Lodge

Camping is available by arrangement with the club.
Gliding is a Scout approved activity so the Scout activities insurance applies, provided leaders notify Scout HQ about their trip. This complements the extensive on-site member insurance schemes in force. Booking is easy with no deposits required.

Call us to arrange your day
For bookings contact Mike Woollard on 07974-106190
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