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Faulkes Flying Foundation
1 week residential course syllabus
1. A number of aerotow flights will be provided to enable course members to

- learn general flight handling skills

- receive an introduction to soaring flight

2. Cross country navigational flight. e.g.. fly a motor glider on a 70 to 100 km cross country flight. (depends upon availability of Motor Glider & weather)

Task: Plan and fly the route using a 1:250,000 map

3. Learn to use a PC based flight simulator - MS Flight Simulator 2000 or Flight Unlimited..

Task: Choose a plane and learn how to takeoff, fly around and land back at the same airfield.

4. Visit an aviation museum.

Task: Complete the Shuttleworth challenge quiz plus a Faulkes Flying Foundation assignment (chosen from a list) on which each course member will be asked to share their observations on their subject with the group.

5. Build a free flight model glider. Models and materials will be provided. Course members will undertake this task in pairs. The best model will win a pair of cinema tickets for the builders.

6. Talks will be given on the key aspects of the theory of flight, lift drag and thrust, illustrated by powerful visual aids such as the exhibits of the Theory of Flight Lab at the Science Museum, London. Learn about soaring flight. How it is achieved and the types of lift which glider pilots use.

7. Videos shown will include one about life as a British Airways Pilot. and 'Windborn'- the story of a young girl learning to fly in the spectacular scenery of the Mountains of New Zealand.

8. An entertainment evening will be arranged such as a visit to the cinema or a ten pin bowling alley followed by a Pizza Hut meal.

9. A recently introduced and very popular course item is a flight in a vintage Tiger Moth biplane, subject to weather and availability

Special Assignment Task List for the Shuttleworth Visit
Choose one which interests you (assignments can be done individually or in pairs)

For the aircraft in the Shuttleworth museum, collect the related information from one selected item in each of the following two columns and present the information in an interesting concise manner.

Engine Power Cruising speed

Engine Capacity Maximum speed

Engine weight Airframe all up weight

Max. All up weight Stalling speed

e.g. collect engine powers and the corresponding maximum speeds for each of the aircraft in the museum and present the information on a graph of max. speed against engine power.

Observe 5 different types of undercarriage designs among the aircraft in the museum and make a collection of sketches highlighting the differences. Comment on why you think they are designed as they are.

Observe 5 different wings designs among the aircraft in the museum and make sketches highlighting these differences. Comment on why you think they are designed as they are.

Prepare a catalogue list of the aircraft and their age or date of manufacture/design for each of the aircraft in the museum.