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Typically activities which take place during the week will include a number of the following....
Initial safety briefing and course outline

Cover & prepare and maintain Log Books

Fly whenever we can, by Aerotow winch and motor glider - weather permitting

Great egg challenge quiz & activity

Visit Shuttleworth Aviation Collection and/or Hendon/Duxford
aviation museum for study project

Undertake study project, leading to a short presentation to remainder
of course members on study project findings

View aviation videos including 'Windborn' & 'Champion of the Wave' based in New Zealand

Briefing and map work as preparation for navigation exercise.

Navigational flight in motor glider around pre-planned 70 to 100 km route.

Fly glider for general handling tuition and introduction to soaring flight.

Build model aircraft for end of week competition for star prize.

PC based flight simulator project - learn to take off, fly and land a selected aeroplane.

Evening dinner offsite at various 'watering holes'

Entertainment evening - 10 pin bowling or cinema followed by course dinner.

Learn to drive golf buggies to retrieve gliders on field./Buggy obstacle course

Talks on the theory of flight and aircraft construction illustrated by CD ROM 'Aviation'

Interactive talk on the Psychology of aviation (Human aspects of flight).

Intro to aviation careers - Video on life as a BA pilot.

Visit to the Air Traffic Control Tower at Luton Airport.

Walk on the Downs with kite flying in bad weather

Introduction to RC model aircraft & indoor RC airships.

Flight in a vintage Tiger Moth biplane or an RAF training Chipmunk

Visit theory of flight lab & aviation section of Science museum

Visit Covent Garden in London for lunch.

Ride the Science Museum Motion simulator

Visit the hands on 'Launch Pad' at the Science Museum