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Aims and Objectives of the Foundation

Mission Statement

Using the sport of Gliding to inspire & develop young people's imagination, character and self determination with the excitement and possibilities of flight as a lifelong adventure and a fulfilling career prospect

Aims & Objectives

Introduce young minds to the potential of aviation
Develop self-confidence / motivation / self-discipline & boost self-esteem
Develop more positive teenager relationships with adults
Safe introduction to an adventure sport
Educationally significant, meeting school curricular req'ts.
Enable youngsters to realise their potential for achievement
Introduce young people to a possible career in
........Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering
........Aircraft/Engine Design
........Aircraft maintenance.
........Air traffic control
........Airline piloting
........Computing and IT
To be available to the disadvantaged & the disabled as well as all young people
regardless of their religion, gender or ethnicity.
To encourage women into flying and engineering as a career.
To technologically inspire youngsters bringing maths and physics alive.
Provide young people an exciting alternative to less desirable activities.